How Do Michelin-Starred Chefs Plate Their Food?

And how on earth do they come up with such stunning creations?


Plating used to be synonymous with fine dining restaurants. An artful smear of sauce at the side, a deliberate sprinkle of powder along the plate’s rim, or ingredients casually strewn throughout. 

But as consumers become more discerning, and shows like Chef’s Table become part of our daily small-screen diet, plating has become necessary even in the most casual eateries. 

In this Instagram age, a chef not only ensures the harmony of flavours and textures – his food must be visually striking too. Indeed, as these six Michelin-starred luminaries share, the plate has become the canvas, and the chef, the artist.

This story first appeared in the September issue of ELLE Singapore. Head to to download the full issue.

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