10 Of The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites That'll Inspire You To Become A Millionaire

From penthouses to presidential suits, these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ hotels are really making us reconsider our life choices.


Everyone who books a luxurious getaway is looking for one thing: the ultimate pampering experience. From spa treatments and 3000% Egyptian cotton pillows to Aqua di Parma toiletries and a turn-down service that leaves a small chocolate on your pillow and fluffy slippers by the bed, you really can’t beat 5* hospitality.

But, then there are some hotels - those gems hidden in secluded spots around the world - that go above and beyond to give a whole new meaning to the word ‘luxury'.

From penthouse apartments and presidential suits to exclusive hilltop villas, here’s Elite Traveler's list of the 10 most expensive properties that need to be on your bucket list:

This story first appeared on ELLEUK.com.

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