The New Spot Where You Can Party Like It’s The ’80s

And show off your newest shoulder-padded OOTDs.


You’ve heard your uncles and aunts (and maybe even your parents) go on and on about how, when it comes to the top of the pops, nothing beats the ’80s. 

It was the era of MTV, from which they watched music videos of the likes of Michael Jackson, A-Ha, Wham, Bananarama and Madonna on repeat. Catchy music, slick choreography, outrageous fashion — they all came together in a gloriously pop-tastic culture blast that was unapologetically OTT.

Zouk recently revived its hugely popular Mambo Jambo night after a short post-move hiatus (Mambo Jambo never ever went out of fashion anyway — even those born in the decades after the ’80s still lay claim to having grown up with ’80s music). 

We love Zouk but is there another place where girls who just wanna have fun can dance to their favourite ’80s pop ditties? Yes, head straight to Nineteen80, a new retro-themed bar that’s been on everyone’s lips lately.

Step through the pink neon-lit entrance (which totally looks like a Back to the Future movie set), and you’ll be greeted by a row of retro arcade video game machines — think Space Invaders, Pac Man, Street Fighter

Artisanal hipster cocktails are off the menu — order yourself some modernised classics like the Long Island Iced Tea (Ice-T “Hustler” Remix) with a ginger ale twist, or the Blue Lagoon (Super Disco Blend) with a yuzu finish, or a true-to-the-original Vodka Ribena. The food is equally unpretentious — think pizza, chicken tenders and fried calamari.

What we love, love, love, is the sensory overload from the décor — there’s a large image of Bruce Lee on the feature wall, a row of large digits 1-17155-4 — it means “I MISS U”, in pager parlance, and a huge piece of pop art by Mojoko’s Steve Lawler. Try and score yourself one of the tables — which are fully functioning sit-down video game machines. 

Music-wise, the infectious playlist of hip hop, R&B, disco, funk, soul, house, and urban classics got everyone — young and “young at heart” — squealing in delight and dancing all night long.


21 Tanjong Pagar Road, 5.30pm to 1 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5.30pm to 3 am on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Closed Sundays and Mondays. For more information, visit

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