Origin Grill is a steak lover’s dream come true

This is where you can treat yourself to amazing snow-aged Wagyu.


Origin Grill may not be a steakhouse — it focuses on quality produce from around the world prepared in simple but hearty ways — but it has a bespoke beef selection that would rival, if not put it on par with some of Singapore’s top steakhouses. For discerning diners and steak lovers already well-versed with the different premium cuts of beef, Origin is a welcome addition that brings new surprises to the table. 


Beef here is sourced from Australia, Japan and Ireland, with two cuts exclusively available to the restaurant. Cuts by popular producers like Rangers Valley and Mayura Station will be easy choices for those who prefer to stick to the greatest hits, especially with a generous 300g top striploin of the 300-day grain-fed Rangers Valley Black Market Pure Black Angus going for a very reasonable $62.

But it’d suit you best to be adventurous and try something new. A 35-day dry-aged grass-fed John Stone beef from Longford, Ireland ($98 for 400g) for example, is a double winner with great bite and tenderness as well as a delicious rich flavour. 

It is a widely held notion that happy cattle make for better meat, and you’ll be glad to know that all John Stone cattle are fed an abundant natural diet, and have access to comfortable shelters and fresh drinking water.

The pièce de résistance of the menu, however, is the award-winning 500-day Japanese diet-fed Shiro Kin Wagyu ($148 for 200g striploin), produced in the fertile Darling Downs region of southeast Queensland, and the snow-aged fullblood Wagyu beef A4 from Niigata, Japan ($168 for 200g striploin), both of which are available only at Origin. 

The latter, in particular, comes with its own intriguing backstory: While dry-ageing and wet-ageing are common buzzwords for premium cuts, the Wagyu here is snow-aged in a natural refrigeration process using snow storage or yukimuro, a 200-year-old technique traditionally employed in the heavy snowfall region of Niigata to store sake and vegetables. 

Unlike modern refrigeration, storing beef using yukimuro maintains a stable internal temperature of between zero to 5 deg C, which in turn helps the meat to retain more than 90 per cent humidity, and achieve better ripening for a more pronounced umami flavour. Fans of the full fatty oomph and melting tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu will love this.

Origin Grill is at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Tower Wing, Lobby Level, Tel: 6213-4595.

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