4 Local Ways To Get Your Artisanal Sugar Fix

Tantalise your sweet tooth with these interesting treats.


Who can resist small-batch, hand-made chocolate, ice cream and cookies, crafted with love, passion and imagination? These local confectionery brands showcased at design festival Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness (on till 5 August 2018 at the National Design Centre) are totally worth the calories! 

Read on — we promise you’d want to make a trip down before the event ends this week.

1. Spatula & Whisk

What: This cookie brand specialises in handmade, artisan cookies that are influenced by the owner’s interest in “creative kitchen experiments, love for travel and passion for healthier bakes”. Expect bite-sized bakes featuring traditional flavours of various countries, made from all-natural, chemical- and preservative-free ingredients and wrapped in eco-conscious friendly packaging.

Try: Thai Milk Tea, with its strong hints of Ceylon Tea and condensed milk; Strawberries and Clotted Cream, which features strawberry pieces and chunks of white chocolate; Gula Melaka Coconut, bearing the familiar local flavours and aromas of palm sugar and grated coconut; Earl Grey Lavender, with its elegant floral hints of bergamot and lavender.

Buy: https://spatulaandwhisk.com.


2. Butterknife Folk

What: The small-batch artisanal gelateria sources all-natural, premium ingredients locally, buying directly from the makers where possible. There are more than 70 creative gelato flavours, such as Dirt, Meh, Miso Sexy, Roquefort Bleu, and about two dozen sorbet flavours, such as Aperol Spritz, Balsamic Strawberry, Kombucha and Hibiscus Mead on rotation — but “when a tub runs out, you never know what flavour comes next” from founder Jack Chan.

Try: Infinite Happiness, a colourful swirl of flavours including grape, orange and apple Yakult, which is created specially for, and available only, at Playground of Infinite Happiness. And the new, National Day-inspired Chicken Rice, a deliciously cold and savoury take on Singapore’s favourite hawker staple — there are even rice grains in it, and a definite chilli/garlic punch.

Buy: www.butterknifefolk.com


3. Demochoco

What: Set up by self-confessed choco- and alco-holic Lim Jialiang right after he graduated (“I watch a looooooooot of YouTube videos by chocolate makers”, he says), Demochoco carries hand-made truffles flavoured with seasonal produce and rare/unusual alcoholic spirits he can get his hands on, to create “treats that excite the palate with flavours both familiar and unexpected”.

Try: Singapur Story, a blend of white chocolate, grated coconut and gula melaka; Salted Egg and Cereal, which is savoury with duck yolk, and redolent of curry leaf; Port Charlotte, which combines rich dark chocolate and heady, peaty whisky; and the fragrantly spicy Kaffir Lime & Chili, with a barely perceptible heat that increases in intensity over time — a masterful seduction of our taste buds, if we may say so ourselves.

Buy: www.demochoco.com


4. Fossa Chocolate

What: Billing itself as “Singapore's first bean-to-bar chocolate company”, Fossa imports sustainably sourced cacao beans from “boutique” plantations such as Reheboth Estate in the Philippines and Alto Beni in Bolivia, roasts and grinds them in-house, tempers the resulting chocolate in small batches, then hand-packages them — a far cry from other chocolate makers who tend to use ready-made chocolate couverture for their confectionary.

Its Single Origin Dark Chocolates are made with only cacao and sugar (containing no emulsifiers, vegetable oils, chemicals or other flavourings, and the elegant, minimalist packaging comes with tasting notes highlighting the subtle flavour nuances, such as tawny port, prunes and cinnamon.

Their Artisan Chocolates, on the other hand, enchant and intrigue the taste buds with evocative, unusual flavours. The three youthful (and extremely slim) founders, Jay, Charis and Yilina have convinced us that good chocolate has got to be good for us!

Try: Any of their Single Origin chocolates (they use only the top 5 per cent of the world’s best beans). From their Artisan range, the intoxicatingly perfumed Lychee Rose, the umami Shrimp&Bonito, which is sprinkled with dessicated red sakura ebi; the Coffee Chocolate, for when you can’t decide between a cuppa or dessert.

Buy: www.fossachocolate.com

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