Here Are The 5 Best Cheesecakes You Can Get In Singapore

Just in time to celebrate World Cheesecake Day


Today is one of my favourite days of the year – 30 July is World Cheesecake Day, and we all need to celebrate it with a thick slab of the cheesy confection. Here are our top picks!

D9 Cakery

This is the oldie-but-a-goodie that everyone knows about – the unassuming American Cheesecake from D9 Cakery at Hilton Hotel wows fans with its perfect balance of rich flavours and fluffy texture, and goes down smoother than a Drake song.

Hilton Singapore, 581 Orchard Road

Cat and the Fiddle

You can’t go wrong by ordering from an online cake store that specialises in cheesecakes. Started by Chef Daniel Tay, who also founded Bakerzin, Cat and the Fiddle offers a wide variety of flavours – from the classic Oreo cheesecake to inventive ones like The Emperor’s Romance, made from raspberries, lychee and martini. We suggest going for Fickle Feline, which offers you a mix of 10 different variations.

Patisserie G

Even though I’m a cheesecake purist, I have a soft spot for the Lychee Rose Cheesecake from Patisserie G. There’s no overpowering floral or sweetness, instead, what you get is a mild, balanced hint of lychee and rose that melds incredibly well with the cheesecake.

#01-40 Millenia Walk

Flor Patisserie

Don’t be fooled by its name: the Strawberry Souffle at Flor Patisserie is in fact a fluffy, cottony-soft Japanese-style cheesecake topped with juicy strawberries and fresh cream – perfect as a light dessert to round off an intense meal.

#01-01 2 Duxton Hill

Bake Cheese Tart

This isn’t technically a cheesecake – but it’s too good not to include in our list. The Japanese cheese tart chain landed on our shores earlier this year, and continues to draw long lines for its crumbly tarts with a melty, fluffy cheesy centre. You gotta try it yourself to understand the hype.

#B4-33 ION Orchard

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