The Best Mooncakes To Buy This Mid-Autumn Festival

If you’re gonna bust your calorie count, do it with these choice picks.


We don’t know about you but it’s become an annual tradition for us to do the requisite (and extensive) research before making our selection of the best mooncakes to buy in preparation for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Of course, we all know the enjoyment starts way before the day of the festival. Which is why we are bringing you our recommendations way before 24 September. Check out these lovely and delish-sounding picks that caught our attention…

Most “fashionable”


SweetSpot, $78 for a box of eight snowskin mooncakes, or a box of four traditional mooncakes. At Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Lobby Tower 3.

Call us suckers, but just look at the Birkin-inspired packaging… who can resist it? And the mooncakes within are “healthier” too…

In addition to traditional mooncakes, enjoy innovative snow skin versions that include the antioxidant Pu Erh Tea; the high-fibre, reduced-sugar Multigrain with a blend of lotus and melon seeds, sunflower kernels, rolled oats, black sesame and walnuts; Strawberry Yoghurt Champagne with a champagne truffle and fizz candy in it; and Japanese Sweet Potato with Okinawa sweet potato, azuki beans and gula melaka.


Most health-conscious


Andaz Singapore, $73 for a box of four.

It didn’t take long for the still relatively new hotel Andaz Singapore to become famous for its pandan chiffon cake, so it’s no wonder that it’s come up with a Low Sugar Pandan mooncake, featuring a reduced-sugar lotus paste blended with natural pandan juice.

Also in the quartet is a Mixed Nuts version with macadamia, almonds and walnuts, which is livened up with candied orange peel — it’s lard-free too, and thus vegan-friendly; and a Low Sugar Green Tea Lotus flavour that packs the bittersweet taste of premium matcha powder — providing an antioxidant boost, to boot.

The booziest


The Ritz-Carlton, Milennia Singapore, $70 for a box of eight snowskin mini mooncakes, to $82 for a box of four full-sized baked mooncakes.

Over the years, the Ritz-Carlton Milennia Singapore has built a reputation for its delish and innovative mooncakes, in elegant, reusable packaging.

The hotel’s signature Assorted Mini Snowskin Martini mooncakes in Irish Martini, made with a heady cocktail of espresso, Irish stout reduction, vodka, Campari and beer, packs a punch as does the signature Lycheetini, featuring lychee fruit liqueur and real lychee bits.

Non-alcoholic options, such as the Mini Snowskin ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian mooncake and the new Baked Mooncake with White Lotus Paste with Red Dates and Longan, are good too. 

Most creative


Bakerzin, $56 to $66 per box of four or eight.

There’s only 1,000 sets available of Bakerzin’s eye-catching, limited-edition Royal Collection Series, featuring Beetroot  Gula  Melaka  Mooncake, in a deep maroon; the light, floral-scented Osmanthus  Mooncake; Charcoal  Tangerine  Red  Bean  Mooncake, which tastes just like red bean soup; and Pandan Mooncake.

We also like The Brilliance Collection with fruit flavours like Cempedak , Honeydew, Orange  and Strawberry, with the addition of chia seeds. And the gorgeous monochrome Heavenly Collection, featuring black or white snowskin mooncakes and black sesame filling.


Most instagrammable

Janice Wong Singapore, $58 for a box of nine (available till 16 September).

If Andy Warhol were to create pop art pieces as an ode to the commercialisation of mooncake festival, this would be the result. Gorgeous eye-catching pop hues aside, we are also intrigued by these snowskin mooncakes that are cast in chocolate then hand-painted.

What’s inside doesn’t disappoint, too — there’s Bakkwa Salted Lotus Paste, Yuzu Candied Orange Lotus Paste, Marc de Champagne, Snow Skin Matcha Custard, Black Sesame, Oolong Date, Date Mandarin and Jasmine Matcha. The colour-coded tasting notes come in pretty handy too.


Most “atas”


Feng Shui Inn at Resorts World Sentosa, $78 for a box of six.

Bite into Fengshui Inn’s baked mooncake (the crust is deliciously crisp and buttery as it’s made of premium Australian butter with custard, milk powder and fresh eggs), and encounter an aromatic hit of ginseng.

Each mooncake contains more than 5 grammes of premium-quality American ginseng that’s steamed, sliced and then ground into a fine powder. That’s folded into a mix of white lotus paste and custard, with milk chocolate pearls offering crunch in every bite.

Ginseng is said to boost vitality and strengthen our immune systems, so why not? Not to mention it’s highly presentable as a gift to someone you need to impress.


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