Travel-host Belinda Lee’s guide to staying healthy and fit on the road

The frequent-flyer on her travel must-haves, overcoming jet-lag and the probiotic supplement she swears by.


Belinda Lee may have started her career as an MTV Asia VJ host 20 years ago but she now spends most of her time in the great outdoors, traipsing around the globe and hosting travelogues. “Taking into account both leisure and work trips, I could spend [as much as] two-thirds of a year abroad and as little as two-months in Singapore,” shares the 40-year-old, who has been living the nomadic lifestyle for the past decade.

Lee, who received the coveted Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste honour at the recent Star Awards, also just landed the role as face of Duolac, a South Korean probiotics supplement that works to keep the digestive system in check for a healthy gut and immune system. A perfect match, considering Lee’s biggest fear of getting “a stomachache or diarrhoea” when travelling.

When she isn’t on the road, the intrepid go-getter is occupied by a wealth of activities, including acting (“I just took on a new English drama”), hosting of events, running her own holiday business, and designing educational programmes and workshops to be taught in and out of Singapore. “I also just wrote a song called ‘Greatness’, which I will be performing at church sharing sessions and motivational speaking workshops.” It’s more than what most of us would ever do in a year, yet Lee manages to do it all while keeping a spring in her step.

Here are her tips to staying at the top of her game even while on the road.

#1 Comfort is key

“To me, there’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable while travelling. I have quite a list of things that I absolutely must pack for each trip: My best travel companions – Duolac Travel, travel pillow, essential oil, essential oil diffuser and travel blanket. Of course, [I can’t forget] face masks for some well-deserved TLC.”

#2 Keep your gut in good health

“One of my biggest fears is to get a stomachache or suffer from diarrhoea when travelling. Food plays a large part of the culture so when I don’t get to enjoy the food during my travels, it doesn’t feel as exciting and the experience would not be complete.

“Now I take Duolac Care probiotics twice a day – once when I wake and another before bed with a calcium magnesium supplement for quality sleep. Since taking it, I no longer have digestive issues. Prior to this, I had difficulties digesting food and my tummy was always bloated and uncomfortable. I also noticed my complexion has improved. More importantly, I feel lighter.”


Duolac Care, $120 for 60 capsules.

Duolac Travel, $9.80 for six chewable tablets.

#3 Stay hydrated

“Apart from ensuring my gut stays healthy with Duolac, I always make sure I stay well-hydrated to avoid fatigue. This is why some may see me buying and carrying big bottles of water whenever I’m on the road. Of course, they also come in handy when there’s a sudden craving for instant noodles.”

#4 Walk everywhere

“This may come as a surprise to some, but I do not work out when I’m on the road. Most of the time, the places I am put up at may not even have a gym. Nevertheless, I believe I still get a good amount of calories burnt during these trips as we often are required to trek or walk very long distances for different shoots.”

#5 Avoid sodium-laden food on the plane

“To evade the post-flight bloat, I usually avoid consuming airplane food as they can be loaded with sodium to compensate for our suppressed sense of taste.

“If it’s a long flight, I will make sure I eat something substantial like fish ball noodle soup before boarding and nothing else utill I land. If I really need to eat, I will only go for fresh fruits and vegetables. This way, I stay hydrated, charged and refreshed with natural sugars, vitamins and water from these healthier sources.

“On top of that, I also avoid alcohol when flying as it can also cause bloating.”

#6 Go easy on your body

“Getting the body to acclimatise to a new time zone and getting over jet lag have always been tough for me.

“As travelling already takes a toll on the body, my approach is to always avoid over-exertion. This includes lowering energy levels during daytime as much as possible and avoid gorging on food that is too high in fats and sugar at the beginning [of the trip]. Tiny breaks throughout the day will also help to overcome jetlag. I believe that by going easy on the body, we can better adjust our sleep schedule to a different time zone.”

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Duolac is available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity.

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