2018's Best Chinese New Year Goodies To Buy

You deserve more than just regular pineapple tarts and love letters.


Everyone has their grouses for Chinese New Year - mostly that of annoying relatives and their annoying questions - but for me, nothing sets my teeth on edge quite like the inevitable influx of articles breaking down just how bad Chinese New Year goodies are for you. And it's all the same sanctimonious drivel year after year: One pineapple tart equates to three bowls of rice!!! You'll have to run for 20 minutes to burn it off!!! Okay, we get it already.

Here's my stand: if we're all going to have to deal with annoying relatives, I think the least we deserve is to be able to enjoy unreservedly all the glorious goodies that will numb you from the mental slog that accompanies long family gatherings. Sure, none of it is very good for your health, but so isn't being asked for the 1298957th time why you're not earning more/getting married/having children, is it?

So forget that calorie counter for once this year, and Treat Yo Self properly with this year's lineup of Chinese New Year sweets and savouries. We'll be updating the list as we creep towards the actual holiday, so don't forget to keep coming back for more. 

For more on lifestyle, head here. Also, don't miss the 8 adorable things to wear and carry this Chinese New Year, and find out what's your lucky hair colour based on your zodiac sign.

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