#Fitspo Alert! Fitness Subscription ClassPass Has Launched In Singapore

Enjoy two months’ worth of free classes while this launch promo lasts.


If you weren’t ready to get moving before, the news of ClassPass giving away $200 worth of free exercise credits (for use over two months) should get you off that couch and embarking on your fitness routine

With the arrival of the popular fitness subscription in Singapore, fitness enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice with offerings from more than 100 studios island-wide.

Founded in 2013, the membership to the world’s largest fitness network — which boasts over 10,000 partners in over 50 cities — connects its members to different fitness studios for a diverse fitness experience.

ClassPass Singapore has established partnerships with some of the most popular fitness studios in town such as WeBarre, Freedom Yoga, Ground Zero, Anthem, Upside Motion, Haus Athletics and boOm to offer myriad classes including yoga, boxing, cycling, Pilates, barre, cross fit and more!

Following its launch promo (more details down below on how to get your free credits), ClassPass will charge $100 for 200 credits, which will allow you to book 28 to 31 classes on average. And here’s a good reason to get on board: ClassPass is more affordable than dedicated memberships to some studios that cost upwards of $200 a month.

The Singapore membership pricing is based on ClassPass’ global credits system, which means that members can access ClassPass partner studios and classes anywhere in the world. 

Plus, we like that we can connect with our friends through the app and schedule workout sessions together. There is also a range of workout videos available on the app, for days when you can’t make it to class. 

Ready to discover a new studio or try a new workout? Click here to sign up for the free two-month ClassPass trial now, before the promotion ends.

The ClassPass mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively.


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