Heal Your Body And Feed Your Soul At This New Age Market

Organised by Open Farm Community and Spa Esprit, the Farmers and Healers Market caters to all your hippie-slash-hipster needs.


Tired of living a hyperconnected life on hyperdrive, sustained by Deliveroo inhaled at your desk? Aren’t we all? Why not take a break, unwind and recharge by visiting the Farmers and Healers Market, happening this Sunday (19 August 2018) at Open Farm Community?

Billed as the first-ever and one-of-its-kind sustainability and natural healing market, this day-long event that is a collab between Open Farm Community and Spa Esprit aims to “rejuvenate our community from inside out, and celebrate the zest of life … with atmospheric tunes, gastronomical delights and energy-healing workshops”. 

That’s all we need to know, really — count us in! Here's what are looking forward to:

Eat and drink:

Aside from Open Farm Community’s selection of farm-to-plate dishes and sangrias, expect granola bowls from Forty Hands and cold-brew coffee by Grounded by CMCR; spit-roasted lamb and mini burgers from boCHINche, cocktails from Tippling Club. 


Want to grow your own edible garden? Attend the workshops by Edible Garden City, one of Singapore’s pioneer champions for the "Grow Your Own Food” movement.

If you're one for holistic therapy, you might be interested in learning how to make an organic poultice. Edible Garden City urban farmer Eugene Chua leads this apothecary and agriculture-based class, in which you learn the craft of making a poultice, an age-old healing aid.

There are also calligraphy and embroidery workshops conducted by local artists as well as a session about natural wines, which have been trending for quite a while, in which Open Farm Community’s wine expert, Philippe Chin, will share essential info and tips.


You can expect to find fresh local and sustainably farmed veg, fruit and produce, even plant-based cheese by a local cheese-maker, Kroodi. Those with green fingers will delight in miniature plants from Miniaturland, and houseplant accessories from The Botanist and Her Thieves.

You'll also be able to get your hands on the popular crystal water bottles by VitaJuwel as well as other healing and wellness paraphernalia such as crystals, organic raw kombucha, candles, bath products and more.


We are intrigued by these alternative wellness workshops that will be held at the event: A sonic flow yoga and sound meditation session with licensed practitioner Amanda Ling, and a Tibetan Bowl therapy session with a Tibetan Singing Bowl Master. The best way to find out what exactly do they entail? Grab a gal pal and make a trip down.

Sunday, 19 August 2018, from 10am to 6pm at Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Road. Free admission. Credit cards accepted at selected stalls only.

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