Having a tough day at work? Stop and smell the poppies!

Behold the power of flowers.


Ready to throw in the towel because of how rough of a week it's been?

Here's a humble suggestion: Freshen up on the fragrance front to feel (and smell) like a billion bucks. 

Just take it from Kim Tae-ri, one of the "haute-est" Hallyu It-girls right now, as she does just that in the captivating campaign for FLOWER BY KENZO below: 

Let's break it down, shall we. Tae-ri is traipsing the sun-drenched streets of San Francisco decked out in an absolutely divine crimson coat that echoes the rich ruby red of the poppy petals that magically float up and out of her hands into the blazing blue expanse of the sky. 

The ordinary takes a turn for the truly extraordinary as Tae-ri is greeted by a ginormous scarlet sphere composed of thousands of breathtaking blooms. She smiles enigmatically ... ... and the floating sphere cascades to the ground to reveal her doppelganger in pristine white. We pan up to see the re-energised cityscape  awash in a swirling sea of red. Aaaaaaaand scene. 

Conceptualised by the genius that is Patrick Guedj, creative director of Kenzo Parfums, this fantastical film is an exhilarating encapsulation of the ethos of FLOWER BY KENZO — beautiful, beguiling, a builder of bridges and a harbinger of happiness. 

Every minutiae of the campaign has been lovingly crafted, right down to the backing track, initially composed by Brit singer-songwriter Tom McRae, now re-interpreted and sung by Tae-ri and the San-Fran residents themselves in an aural representation of the poignant power of the human connection to heal the spirit.  

The instantly recognisable FLOWER BY KENZO scent itself is exquisite and enthralling in equal measure; an olfactory ode to the singular strength of femininity — and a ravishing reminder of the joie de vivre of the juice and life itself. 

So yes, if you're feeling blue, get into the red instead. 


FLOWER BY KENZO fragrances are available at all Sephora Singapore stores, Kenzo Parfums counters in selected department stores and on www.sephora.sg

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