Your Body Type Needs These Now

Pear, apple, round or square, you could do with a bit o’ flare


There are still plenty of women who are afraid to wear flares. 

Perhaps it’s from the attention that flares create (swooshing around can only be so discreet), or the fact that flares are…too Seventies?

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being “too Seventies”. Just ask Rachel Zoe.  

There’s also a misconception that flares or bell-bottom trousers are strictly for tall people (cue the eye-rolling). How can this be true if there are bell-bottom jeans available in the children’s department with labels that read, “ages 5-7”?

As with most clothing, fit is everything and bell-bottom trousers are — believe it or not — one of the more flattering trouser silhouettes, fit for most body types. They streamline your pelvis and thighs and they add a stylish spring to your step.

It’s all about the optical illusion of fit versus flare and — of course — putting a very chic foot forward.

Click through the gallery above for fab flare options and what to pair them with.

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