You Won’t Be Able To Keep Your Hands Off These Prickly Baubles

The Cactus de Cartier jewellery collection is all about succulents


Jewellery designers have long drawn inspiration from the world of botany, picking the most beautiful of flowers, trees, ferns and fruits to translate into precious pieces that women inescapably lust over. From elegant lilies and camellias to foliage such as laurel and clover that bear symbolic meaning, nature is full of stunning creations that have been referenced in some of the world’s most iconic haute jewellery.

Many of these are clear choices, but when you are a jeweller with exceptional skill to tap into and a penchant for the exotic, you can cast your net much farther. Hence the surprising inspiration behind Cartier’s latest range of gems: The cactus. This prickly plant, with its bulbous form, is hardly the first thing one would associate with femininity or luxury. Yet, there is beauty — of an unconventional sort — in it, which has been perfectly captured by the brand and transformed into stunning gold statement pieces accented with vividly coloured gems, sparkling diamonds and a touch of whimsy.

Bold, audacious and rebellious in spirit, each sculptural Cactus de Cartier piece is a statement of strength and symbol of unexpected beauty. All capture a side of the spiky succulent that is rarely seen — the spectacular moments when its flowers bloom, sometimes at night, revealing a hidden splendour as the eyes that would admire it are closed in deep sleep.

Strong yet feminine, untouchable yet strangely beguiling, the Cactus de Cartier collection perfectly encapsulates the modern, independent woman’s personality. And even if you’re not one to pick your jewellery by what each piece represents, these precious baubles are just too gorgeous to miss — wouldn’t you agree?

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