You Can Try On Clothes Virtually Here

It’s as fun as it’s functional


A common grouse that comes up whenever we at Team ELLE discuss online vs. brick-and-mortar shopping is, you can’t try on the clothes you want in an online store.

And because of that, it’s not uncommon for apparel we buy online to fit a little too big, too small, or just weirdly.

Thankfully, that might soon be a thing of the past. One of our favourite department stores, Tangs, has just launched a new Try service on their website.

When you click on an article of clothing with the Try icon, a pop-up appears on the page, with a virtual model. You can then edit the model’s frame according to your height, weight and measurements, and change its skin tone to match yours.

What appears after that is a virtual version of you. You can then click on the Try icon of any piece to see how it would fit on your specific body shape.

This changes the online shopping experience completely. While you’d previously only have the e-boutique’s model and measurements as reference, now you'd know how the piece would look like in real life.

Of course, what you see on the screen is not a perfect representation, since the fit of apparel also depends on how you style it, but it serves as a great guide for finding out how something would generally fall on you.

We find it especially useful for checking if a piece would be too short or long, since a lot of us have short, petite frames.

Another thing we like about it — it reminds us of playing dress up with our dolls when we were kids, in a less childish way that no one will judge us for.

Currently on the Tangs site, only five brands are available to be tried online: In Good Company, Closet, Cruise, Reckless Jersey and Styl. Myl.. Other labels utilising this technology include House of Holland.

Seeing how much the online shopping industry has been growing, we’re hoping this virtual changing room service catches on.

Photo: In Good Company

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