You Can Now Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat In A Ring

It’s like being with each other all the time


“Connectedness” is one of the most-cited criteria when people talk about the hallmarks of a successful relationship – what if there was a way to turn this vague concept into something tangible?

Created by new company The Touch, HB rings (HB stands for heartbeat, duh) are a pair of futuristic rings that are connected to an app via Bluetooth, which allows you to feel your loved one’s pulse in real time.

The concept was inspired by the theory that people started wearing rings on their fourth finger because the vein is connected to the heart. HB rings boast minimalist designs and come in either stainless steel with rose gold accents (US$599) or solid rose gold (US$2,990). Designed for everyday use, the surface is covered by scratch- and water-resistant crystal sapphire. The most intriguing part is a light strip that surrounds the ring - so you can actually see your partner’s pulse while feeling it.

Best of all, the rings can be paired despite your distance – we think it makes an especially sweet gift for long-distance lovers. The only potential downside of this romantic technology is the panic and anxiety that may occur during cases of malfunction or entry into no-wifi zones: Nobody wants to feel their partner’s heart stopping!

HB rings are available for pre-order here.

Photos: The Touch

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