Would You Wear Jewellery Made Out Of Hair?

And other unexpected fashion trends that you have to see to believe


There have been plenty of fashion trend pieces that have made us go “whaaaaaaat”, both on the runway and street — from Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo shoes, to hair sprouts.

If you thought those were strange, here are three new out-of-this-world fashion creations, and the stories behind them.

1. Thigh Gap Jewellery

We had OTT nose rings in Fall/Winter 2015, and body chains for Spring/Summer 2016, now one Singaporean has taken bling to a whole other level by using it to adorn — get this — your thigh gap.

Soo Kyung Bae, a final-year industrial design student at NUS, created minimalistic jewellery designed to be hung between the legs to draw attention to the thigh gap.

Her designs, aptly named TGap jewellery, sparked an outcry amongst netizens all over the world since it was launched on her website in March. But here’s the thing — TGap isn’t real. Soo began the project to spark conversation and bring awareness to the absurd ideals of beauty we have in our society (like thigh gaps) and the way we obsess over them.

And if you’re wondering, you can’t actually buy necklaces for your thigh gap, but you should definitely check out the project here.

2. Body Taboo Clothing

Do you religiously shave every few days, or try to reduce cellulite using every trick in the book? Well, it’s high time we learned to embrace and celebrate our bodies’ kinks instead of hiding them, if Swiss Design Academy Eindhoven student Debora Dax has anything to say about it.

Like TGap creator Soo, Dax wanted to bring to attention the weird issues we women have with our bodies with a special InConTextUre clothing line. Dax created pieces like underwear complete with artificial pubic hair, a sweater with a beer belly and a swimsuit full of wrinkles to highlight parts of the body we typically want to conceal.

When featured so blatantly on clothing — something we use every day — don’t our concerns about our body, be it hair or weight, seem so inconsequential? Talk about a fashion statement.

3. Hair Jewellery

Yes, we’re talking about jewellery. Made of real human hair. But before you get all cringe-y about this, know that this is all for a good cause.

Sybille Paulsen, a designer based in Berlin, works with people undergoing chemotherapy and helps them create beautiful, personalised necklaces or bracelets out of their own hair, in a project titled Tangible Truths.

Braided or loose bunches of hair are hand-weaved together with beads, or metal or resin pieces, for a symbolic piece that “marks the transformation and disclose a new access for the people involved to the commonly overwhelming situation.” Find out more about the project here.

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