Workout Gear So Cute, You’ll WANT To Hit The Gym

Dress your way to fitness success


Here at ELLE, we try (keyword: try) our best to squeeze in a couple of hours at the gym each week — as we’re sure many of you guys are too. But amidst pressing deadlines, fatigue and just general laziness, it becomes so hard to find the motivation to exercise, and so easy to give ourselves multiple excuses to not go to the gym.

Health and weight management are great reasons to exercise, but sometimes it’s just not enough. So what if we said there was a better (albeit more superficial) way to get yourself moving?

Have you ever been so excited to head out to town just so you could rock a new pair of heels or a pretty dress? The same could be applied to the gym, except with workout gear. So we picked out 24 of the cutest sports apparel, shoes and tech accessories that will make you want to hit the gym, no matter how busy you are — click through above to check them out now!

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