Why Yoyo Cao Is Looking Forward To Fashion Week In Paris

Shopping and packing tips from Singapore’s favourite Insta-star and style icon


Surely, 274,000 people can’t be wrong. That’s how many are lapping up Yoyo Cao’s every move on Instagram. We got the homegrown designer and fashion entrepreneur, a regular on the Fashion Week circuit, to share useful tips for travelling like a fashionista. Here’s what we learnt.

Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.

“I try to avoid packing at the last minute, so I always decide in advance what I want bring. For long flights and trips, such as to US, I load up on skincare to keep my complexion fresh and healthy. I also eat as much Asian food as possible before departure – so that I don’t miss it too much!”   

Use Ziploc bags.

“Having so many different outfits requires me to be very organised when packing my luggage. So that I know exactly where everything is, I keep each outfit in its Ziploc bag. That helps save on space too. In fact, I have a bag for different sets of necessities, for example, makeup and gadgets. I can grab and drop into my luggage, and don’t ever have to worry about forgetting anything.”    

Keep an open mind.

“There are so many shows I watch every season, and I look forward to all of them. I still get excited about Fashion Week because I never know what I’m going to see on the runway.”

Know where to go.

“I make time for shopping when I’m in Paris for Fashion Week. That’s where I buy most of my stuff. I love Colette (even though it’s closing down soon), and I always visit Avenue Montaigne. In London, I hit stores like Selfridges, Liberty and Browns. For Milan, it’s Antonioli.”

Go with a purpose.

“Get items that you know will go with outfits you already have, but don't forget to be open to certain surprises. I don’t have a shopping list yet but I can’t resist a great pair of shoes.”  

Strike a balance between work and play.

“Work to me is fun, cheesy as it may sound. It’s important to work hard but I also try to play hard.”

Squeeze in a break

“The best thing about all four Fashion Week cities? They are filled with cosy patisseries and cafes, where I can pop in for a nice coffee, tea, or even ice cream. That helps recharge me instantly.”

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