Why We’ll Never Forget The Alber Elbaz & Lanvin Partnership

We’ve even designed a pictorial Polyvore shrine in memoriam


It’s been barely a week since the announcement of Alber Elbaz’s ousting at Lanvin and I’m already thinking about how the tubby designer is going to be missed.

I began my career as a stylist around the same time Elbaz took over the creative reins at the French house in 2001. The designer was prolific in conjuring up off-kilter ideas, such as stitching a grosgrain ribbon flat, exposing zips and turning them into whimsical trims, and wrapping pearls in tulle. His touch has always been magical.

So it’s hard to imagine Lanvin without Elbaz because, to a lot of people, Lanvin is Elbaz! OTT sparkles, larger-than-life frills and ruffles, billowy goddess dresses - these were all the precious elements that Elbaz dreamt up for the house to turn women in fashion royalty every single day.

Now that he’s left, I wonder if Lanvin will ever be the same again. 

To deal with my heartbreak, I’ve taken to Polyvore (playing with it is one of my hobbies). Because sometimes dreaming up a mood board can help keep the fantasy alive — oui

Elbaz and Lanvin, this one’s dedicated to you.

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