Why Shoefies Are Cooler Than Selfies

10 Reasons to put your best foot forward


For the uninitiated, a shoefie is a term used to describe a shoe selfie. That is, taking a picture of your shoes while wearing them for the sole purpose (pun intended) of sharing the image on social media.

In this digital age of documenting every Kodak moment, shoefies have ganered as much attention (and as many Likes) as cute puppies and sexy boobies (read: Not the same thing!).

One of Instagram’s most popular shoefie stars is Eva Chen, the ex-editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine and coincidentally, the head of fashion partnerships at where else but Instagram itself.

Known for posting shoefies on her daily commute, Chen’s shoefie formula is both fuss-free and crowd-pleasing: One cool bag, one healthy fruit-of-the-day, legs stretched out across the backseat of a car, fitted with the most trendy of shoes even Carrie Bradshaw herself would have killed for.   

Here are 10 reasons why like Chen, we urge you to kick up your heels and let your feet do the talking, while your fingers — but, of course — do the clicking.

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