Which Luxury Watch Matches Your Style And Personality?

Find your perfect watch with our fun quiz


The next time you feel the urge to splurge on yet another designer bag, pause and think — how about putting that hard-earned money towards a timepiece instead? True, your watch might not be the first thing people will notice about you, but it’s frequently the accessory that will invite study on closer interaction, and has every potential to positively shape the image you’re projecting. 

Haven’t quite found a design that has your name on it? Explore the options that are right for you via this quiz: 

1. Which of these outfits form the bulk of your wardrobe?

A. Jeans, tees, casual dresses that aren’t overly fussy.
B. Minimalist styles in neutral colours.
C. Feminine dresses and flirty separates.

2. What functions do you typically attend for work?

A. Casual lunches with work partners.
B. Conventions and networking sessions with high-level executives.
C. Social cocktails and gala dinners.

3. Ever worn a fashion item borrowed from your boyfriend/partner’s closet?

A. All the time — white shirts, bags and watches.
B. A watch, on occasion, but that’s about it.
C. No way. Are you kidding?

4. Which vacation sounds the most appealing to you?

A. A beach or resort holiday, with some adventure.
B. A culturally enriching trip with plenty of visits to museums and theatres.
C. Big-city vacay with plenty of shopping.

5. Which of these designer bags fits best with your personal style?

A. Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.
B. Celine Luggage tote.
C. Chanel 2.55 bag.

6. What is the most important quality an investment watch should have?

A. Practicality and functionality.
B. A clean, readable, classic dial.
C. Decorative details and some bling. 

Find your matches in the photo gallery above.

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