Which Gucci Dionysus Bag Are You?

The brand is launching eight special editions that reflect the personality of dynamic cities (and you!)


Whether you’re all about peace signs on the butt of your jeans or Smileys on your loafers, there’s something about appliques that are intensely personal. We use them to say something about ourselves and our values, and to transform universal items into our own unique belongings.

Which partly explains why Gucci’s applique-adorned version of the Dionysus bag (named after the Greek god Dionysus thanks to its tiger head closure) has been such a success. That carryall, which hit the runway last September, spawned a waiting list for it just 24 hours after the show and has quickly become one of the brand’s signatures.

Of course, one set of appliques does not a globe full of fashionistas satisfy. So last month, the Italian house released a special Milan edition of the bag speckled with butterflies, hearts and flowers, the inside of which boasts a leather patch embossed with the words “Gucci, Milan Exclusive”.

Now, it’s launching eight more special editions of the Dionysus, each dedicated to a different dynamic metropolis and featuring appliques and interior leather patches that reflect that city’s personality.

There’s Rome, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai, all designed against a backdrop of the trademark GG Supreme canvas and tiger head clasp.

Which one best speaks of you? Pick out your fave in the gallery above, then read about which city you’ve selected in the slides after.

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