Where Does Alexa Chung Shop?

This and other style questions we have for the style icon, answered


Since she entered the fashion industry at 16, Alexa Chung has gone from model to TV presenter to author and now technopreneur (she launched her own app, Villoid last year!).

Throughout the years, Alexa has constantly inspired and her cool girl aesthetic, impeccable cat-eyeliner and messy bob. So, how does she do it? We spoke to the style star and got an inside look into her style and wardrobe.

1. Fashion is a huge part of my life…

But I don’t necessarily feel comfortable always talking about clothes on my personal social media.

2. I use my new app, Villoid, to play around with looks…

It’s a virtual dressing-up app where you can create mood boards with products ranging from Asos to Miu Miu. You can then share your style, follow friends, and buy the items with a click of the mouse.

3. My sense of style is…

More high-street than high-end on a daily basis.

4. My version of sexy is…

A great turtleneck and a pair of flats. I feel uncomfortable in anything tight or bodycon. Maybe I’m constantly fighting for people to listen to what I have to say, so it seems undermining to look too girlie or frivolous.

5. One word to describe my wardrobe is…

A “floordrobe”. I’m a hoarder – I don’t wear 70% of my clothes, but I can’t bear to throw them away.

6. I often shop at…

Zara or Liberty London. I may borrow a fancy dress when I get invited to events, but I still feel uncomfortable spending vast amounts of money on clothes.

7. I’ll always wear…

Moisturiser. I don’t often wear makeup. I think that comes from my mum.

8. Having nothing to wear is…

A mood thing that never goes away.

9. I overcome the jitters at grand events by…

Being confident, and knowing that nothing bad can happen. There’s no real downside than being self-conscious.

10. Whenever I’m involved in something creative, I want to…

Be in control. If I don’t like it, I don’t do it… I don’t want to mess up.

Photos: TPG Images

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