What Your Star Sign Says About Your Style

Blame your latest fashion splurge on the forces of astrology


You know which workouts suit your zodiac sign, but does the star you’re born under impact your personal style in any way? Read on to find out.


Sensible and straightforward Capricorn knows what suits her best, and will rarely venture out of her comfort zone. She aims to look simple, chic and put-together every day, and for a special night out? She might put on some diamond ear studs - and that’s that. 


Aquarians aim to please themselves when it comes to dressing up - why should they care about what others think? They’re also known to be big experimenters because of their natural knack at mixing and matching.


No one does bohemian quite like a Piscean - soft flowing fabrics and shades of blue and green naturally accentuate this Water sign’s beauty. Dreamy and romantic describe their wardrobe, a place where power suits and killer heels are included only when absolutely necessary.


Creative and edgy, you have the instincts of a fashion stylist. You either make new trends by pairing together the most mundane of fashion items, or step out dressed head to toe in a bold colour like scarlet. It doesn’t matter which way you go, because you’re sure to get all the attention.


A Taurean looks out for two things when shopping - comfort and practicality. She’s also the least likely to splurge on designer bags, just because she never has trouble finding an equally great one for less. Jeans and sneakers tend to be her favourite combo, but she’ll always manage to make casual look as chic as it can be.


Born under the sign of the twins? You might have a “split fashion personality”. Swinging from casual to super-dressy in an instant, Gemini girls love to constantly switch things up. It’s pretty much a given that they’ll never be caught in a style rut.


Always ladylike and sophisticated, a Cancerian’s wardrobe is likely to be filled with neutral colours and easy silhouettes. Simple and elegant is their fashion motto, while clothes and accessories that are eternal classics are always worth their investment.


The Leo lady projects confidence through her style - she’s fearless and up for a challenge when it comes to fashion. Bright colours, loud accessories, wild prints and revealing outfits - nothing is beyond her limits as long as it’s statement-making.


A perfectionist in every way, Virgo gals are all about the details. They’re the ones who’ll spend half an hour deliberating over the right shoe to wear, just to make sure it’s the best match with their OOTD. Then again, they tend to prefer fuss-free styles when it comes to clothing, but that’s only because these looks are easier to keep polished.


A Libran’s style is as easy-going as her personality, and she’s always up for trying a new look, at least once. Yet she can’t seem to resist anything that makes her feel oh-so-feminine, such as pretty jewellery and flirty skirts in lush materials like luxurious silk or sheer chiffon.


Anything that ups her sex appeal is a winner in a Scorpio girl’s book. And sexy doesn’t just mean a bodycon dress or a thigh-high slit, because she’s also all about mystery and subtlety. Think a glam pair of dark sunnies or panels of lace strategically placed to reveal just a sliver of skin.


Adventurous and exuberant Sagittarians love a bit of fun in their wardrobes. Boho dresses, cute jumpsuits, fanciful embellishments and metallic accents - these are just some of the things that make them happy. In a nutshell: They’ll go for anything that’s not same old same old.

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