What Shoes Do Asian Women Go For?

Did you know that different types of footwear appeal to different parts of the region?


Tom Ng is intimately acquainted with women’s feet. But not because he’s a creepy guy with a weird fetish. The 45-year-old engineer by training is the founder of homegrown shoe brand Pazzion, which opened its first store in Singapore’s Marina Square in 2005. 

Today, a decade later, he has eight boutiques in Singapore and a string of successful franchises around the region, including in Japan, South Korea, India and Brunei.

Other stores in Myanmar and the Gulf Cooperation Council are set to open later this year. 

The upshot of Ng’s years of experience and the extensive research that he and his team regularly conduct? A trail of fascinating data on what women seek when it comes to shoes in the markets Pazzion operates in.

Click through to find out who likes what where. Are your preferences typical of your countrywomen’s?

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