What Not To Wear When Travelling

Five things to leave at home when you hit the road


Going on that year-end holiday? Remember, what you don’t pack is just as important as what you do. Why? Because sometimes the wrong items can invite trouble in foreign territory, or ruin your holiday because they make you stand out like a sore thumb. Here are five things to leave at home.

1. Impractical shoes

As much as you love your Louboutins, you’re risking injury by wearing them on a flight. Then there are boots and sneakers, which can be troublesome to remove during passenger screening, not to mention tough to squeeze your swollen feet into after a long flight. Your best bet: A pair of flats with adequate sole support that you can easily slip on and off.

2. Immodest clothing

Cropped tops, plunging necklines and hemlines that go all the way up — all things that shouldn’t catch that flight with you. When overseas, take care to dress appropriately as a gesture of respect to your host country. Remember to check your T-shirts, too, in case they’re emblazoned with a rude slogan, graphic or logo. But here’s an item that you should always carry: A scarf, which makes an easy cover-up should you be caught in a dress code faux pas; it will help keep you warm, too!

3. Huge jackets

Unless you intend to look like a rapper from the ’90s or you’re heading to the North Pole, leave that mega puffa at home. Can’t do without it cos you’re going skiing? Compact it in a vacuum bag and check it in with your luggage so that you don’t take up more hand-luggage space than you should. What’s better for a flight is a thin sweater made of quality wool plus a light jacket to go over it in case the mercury dips when you disembark.

4. A large, open handbag

Consider this an invitation to pickpockets. The easiest way to lose your belongings is by leaving them in a bag without a zipper or clasp. This is especially important when you’re travelling alone, since you’ll have no companion to watch over your stuff when you need a pee break on your flight.

5. Selfie stick

Uh, just no.

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