What Happens When Real Girls Try High Fashion Footwear

We gave fashion’s hottest kicks of the moment a spin


Every season we see a plethora of new apparel and accessories get sent down the runway. We lust and covet over them, and dream of the day we finally get our hands on that particular piece.

But do runway pieces translate when it’s not worn by tall, thin models? We wanted to find out, so we decided to test-drive a few key runway pieces, focusing on something every woman loves — shoes.

1. Calfskin side-gore boot, by Céline.

On the runway, this mannish boot was paired with dresses, pants and oversized coats. And it looked super-cool — no arguments there. Alas, real life happens: We sorely needed a certain tough-chic attitude to effortlessly work this, not to mention a statuesque figure with endless long limbs to ace and balance out its chunky proportion. ELLE’s fashion director suggested that we pair them with skinny knit socks, black culottes and a skinny tank top: Uhh, challenging. An easier style solution was to adapt one of Céline’s runway looks featuring a sexy lace slip, but switch out the heavy coat for an oversized men’s blazer. There were compliments all round and best of all happy feet after a long day.

2. Snakeskin and suede boot with crystal-embellished heel, by Miu Miu.

This boot was clearly not for everyone, judging from the shrieks around the office. “This is only for the fashion-forward!” said one ELLE staffer. “What do I wear it with?” asked another. But ELLE’s fashion girls thought otherwise and suggested ways in which we could adopt its bold look and even better, work it with wardrobe basics we already owned. Eventually, we paired it with bell-bottom jeans and a long-sleeved tee. It also worked well with a sexy button-down black shirt, skinny boot-cut trousers and a dishevelled up-do — hot.

3. Calfskin mule with embellished heel, $1,490, by Gucci.

Simply put, this was a crowd-pleaser. Everyone loved the heel and immediately launched into a discussion about what to wear with it — peplum dresses, A-line skirts, men’s-inspired trousers. One of the easiest and most stylish ways to work this was with an oversized kaftan shirt, shoulder-duster earring and a pair of skinny jeans cuffed narrowly at the hem, the better to show off these fabulous shoes. The heel was also — in everyone’s opinion — a key selling point: It was sturdy and supported the arch well.

4. Calf hair clog with rivets, $3,050, by Bottega Veneta.

We didn’t want to take this off because we wanted to remain taller — forever. We only had to get used to the wooden sole, which saw us stomping rather than walking before we got the hang of it. Predictably, we paired this clog with different jeans — skinny, boyfriend and bell-bottom — before an intervention by ELLE’s fashion director, who suggested sexing up this man-repeller style. The best combos, we found out, were: A snug rib-knit dress; a white tee with a narrow knee-length skirt and calf-length socks; and a men’s shirt and midi-length culottes with lots of ethnic-inspired jewellery. Who knew a clog would challenge our style comfort zone and make up feel so fashion-forward at the same time?

5. Calfskin sandal with platform rubber sole and chain buckle, $1,960, by Louis Vuitton.

Not many people got why this sandal, one of the season’s key platform sandals, was cool and covetable. Its chunky design may look unladylike but was surprisingly easy to pair with most clothing styles. We tried them with miniskirts and even a pencil skirt (which actually helped us achieve the illusion of endless gams), as well as with cropped boyfriend jeans that got us compliments in and out of the office. The best part? The sandal’s industrial style was a beautiful juxtaposition with a pretty pedicure and we didn’t feel one bit unladylike.

6. Patent calfskin pumps with wraparound ankle ties, $1,650, by Dior.

Call us daft but we spent a whole three minutes trying to figure out the correct way to position the ankle ties. Even ELLE’s fashion team was stumped on this one. But once we got the rocket-science styling out of the way, we couldn’t deny that these were the sexiest ankle-strap pointy pumps we’ve seen in a long time. Perhaps it was the patent leather and large buckle that conjures up dominatrix inspirations, or the elastic-band side that lent the shoe its subtly kinky vibe. Honestly, these weren’t the most comfortable pair of shoes to walk around in and are best for those with narrow and bunion-free feet. But isn’t wearing outrageously sexy and slightly uncomfortable shoes one the craziest things girls just do? No — we’ve done crazier, so a little toe pinch is nothing.

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