What Fashion Shows Look Like Through The Lens Of An iPhone

No need to lug around that DSLR


Photographers with HUGE cameras are a common sight at fashion week, ready to capture models traipsing down the runway in the season’s best. But that doesn’t mean us regular folk have to feel small with our tiny phone cameras — if Apple has anything to say about it.

Everyone’s favourite iBrand sent professional photographer Chumpol Chaikanarakkul to attend Thai designer label Issue’s showcase at the ELLE Bangkok Fashion Week over the weekend, armed with no more than an iPhone 6s. Despite his many years working the camera for brands and even the Thai King, can Chaikanarakkul deliver when faced with unpredictable lighting and moving models without a professional camera?

Apparently, it’s a yes. Check out the shots he took below (they’re not edited!), plus his tips on how to take amazing photographs with just your phone.

1. Focus

To combat dim lighting, lock your focus with the AE/AF Lock, and adjust the lighting to keep the photo from looking too bright.

2. Burst

For shots with movement, lock your focus and shoot in Burst mode, panning the camera while doing so to follow the model. This way, you can show movement but the key subject is still sharp and clear.

3. Compose second

When trying to get around a busy shot (like this one with two models and a little of the FROW), lock your focus first on the background before you look for a good composition of the picture.

4. Pick one subject

Models walk fast down the runway, so it’s hard to capture details — but not impossible. Select your subject, be it shoes or a cute bag, and shoot on Burst mode. That way you create a sharp image that doesn’t look static.

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