“We Had To Find A Bag For A Client To Carry Her Pooch In”

Pop-up boutique Fly On My Nose REALLY goes the extra mile for you


Most boutiques strive to provide customers with a “complete shopping experience”. But rarely, if ever, do they take the term as seriously as Ingie Mouchonnet.

The fashionable Frenchwoman is a former political consultant who quit her job last year to set up a boutique called Fly On My Nose (“it sounds like my last name in French!”) that physically travels the globe to bring curated French labels to shoppers everywhere – personalised styling services with professional stylists and glasses of champagne included, mais oui.

The one-to-one experience includes the identification of your goal and desired style, plus a summary of your strengths and customised, climate-specific styling tips. Of course, you’ll also get a walk-through of the showroom so you know exactly what to buy following your assessment – an adventure in itself since Fly On My Nose works with hard-to-find brands that all “tell a pretty tale, one of French creativity”.

“[The brands’] stories and true passion about what they do is what makes us love them, besides the quality of their work,” says Mouchonnet, who’s in Singapore for a two-day pop-up at SO Sofitel Singapore this week. “It is sometimes moving to listen to them explaining every single detail of the process of creating a shoe, or deciding the cut of a dress.”

Having travelled the world in the course of her work, the chic entrepreneur is keenly clued in to the way style works (having Paris in your genes helps too, we suppose). So we asked her to share some styling tips and experiences with us – check them out ahead.

1. What are some of the craziest or most interesting things you’ve done for your clients?

We always keep an open mind when it comes to clients’ needs. Once, we were tasked to find a luxury bag for our client to carry her pooch around in. Another time, we had to help a male client who was looking for an evening dress for his girlfriend whom he was going to propose to. It was a surprise and we had to select an outfit without actually meeting the bride-to-be. The evening turned out to be a success, she said yes to the proposal (phew!) and she loved the outfit.

2. How do you quickly assess what suits a woman in the short time that you meet her?

When we have to make a quick assessment for women on the spot, we take into consideration her silhouette and personality. We always try to have a conversation to speak about her work and lifestyle to provide a better assessment.

3. Name some of the most common style mistakes women make.

The three main mistakes are haircuts, colours and accessory choices. It’s essential that women are aware of the colours that complement their skin tone. The wrong colour can make them look washed out. Accessories are often understated or ignored. However, they can tie a whole look together and add personal style to an outfit.

Also, ill-fitting pieces, no matter how beautiful an item is, if it is not a good fit, the outfit loses its lines. There are some women who tend to purchase pieces that are trendy without considering if the item suits their silhouette.

4. How do you fix these mistakes?

We explain to our clients the importance of structure and cuts. Rule No 1 is – we always make sure that the sizing is appropriate for the client. Should there be a need, we recommend tailoring for specific pieces. We also help to pick out items that complement our client’s aesthetic and lifestyle.

5. What are three things a woman can do for herself to change things up, if she feels she’s in a style rut?

We usually recommend getting a statement piece, like a jacket, shoes or accessory that resonates with her personality and values to bring life to her wardrobe. Secondly, we always recommend an item that the client wouldn’t normally go for to expand her style boundaries. Lastly, a haircut always works magic.

6. What’s the essence of French style?

French style is not about being trendy. It is about being authentic to oneself, even if the edges are not sharp. Character is key and we work hard with our clients to bring that out in them. Looking effortless is something that we always gravitate to, as less is always more.

7. Do you truly feel that French style can be exported to women around the world?

By introducing relatively young designer labels to the world, we hope to pique the interest of our audience for French fashion. It takes a lot of effort for us to bring all these brands around the world, but we feel it’s important to share our culture and way of living to both men and women so that they can, too, have a piece of French love and living in their lives. We hope that our service and the way we take care of our clients will benefit and empower their lives as much as it does for us, especially for women who have not had the chance to experience this.

8. What are some key pieces you feel all women should have in their wardrobes?

A dark-coloured dress (not necessarily black) to take one from day to night. A pair of pumps to refine the silhouette and a multi-tasking versatile scarf.

Want to see Fly On My Nose in action? Check out its L’instant Chic in Singapore pop-up on 22 and 23 June at SO Sofitel Singapore, where intimate 40-minute style assessments and brands such as Solene Martin, by 164 and Dessine-moi un soulier will be available. Assessments ($150 each) will be complimentary for those who spend a minimum of $350.

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