Would You Have A Bracelet Welded Onto Your Wrist?

Cult jewellery brand Catbird introduces a new way to wear a bracelet (and it isn’t as terrifying as it sounds, we promise).


Catbird, the cult jewellery brand that every cool girl in NYC is wearing, is also known for its massive celebrity following (stars including Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and even the Duchess herself, Meghan Markle, have been spotted wearing the brand’s accessories). 

And we can totally see why they are big fans — Catbird’s delicate jewellery is feminine and dainty (no different from the majority of the jewellery that’s currently trending) but stands out for its unmistakably edgy quality. 

Among its best-selling jewellery are the items that best demonstrate its unusual brand of simplicity — the Sweet Nothing choker, a frills-free fine gold chain that has been seen on countless famous necks, and the Ballerina earring, a bar ear stud with a chain that connects to the back of the earring.

Catbird's Ballerina earring (on right).

And now, Catbird has started a new wave in jewellery. The Welding Annex, a service that’s offered in its store in Brooklyn, NYC, allows customers to get its Forever Sweet Nothing bracelet soldered onto their wrists. Nope, the chain is not soldered onto skin (eeks) but rather, the ends of the bracelet are welded together so it will stay permanently on the wrist until one wishes to remove it (achievable with a sturdy pair of scissors, apparently).

Deceptively simple: Catbird's Forever Sweet Nothing bracelet.

Each chain is sized to fit perfectly, so you quickly forget you’re wearing it. “Permanency in fine jewellery is something that I think is really appealing to us and our customers. It’s unfussy in the sense that you always have it on, but there’s also something inherently precious in wanting to keep something close to you always,” explained Catbird co-owner and designer Rony Vardi.

This brilliant concept sounds novel, but the concept of “permanent” jewellery isn’t exactly new. Hannah Keefe, in Los Angeles, offers a similar service in the form of a thin wire bracelet that is moulded to the shape of your wrist and then soldered permanently around it, while lockable bracelets are aplenty on the web (some made for reasons that we, ahem, will leave you to imagine).

Hannah Keefe's version of permanent jewellery.

And of course, the ultimate and most iconic piece of “permanent” jewellery is undoubtedly Cartier’s Love bracelet — which can only be secured onto or removed from the wearer’s wrist by way of few twists of its screw fasteners with its accompanying screwdriver. It’s definitely as, if not more, desirable as Catbird’s welded alternative (and a whole lot pricier at that), unless you are planning a trip to NYC.

Cartier's Love bracelet.

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