Where To Buy Meghan Markle’s Favourite Personal Jewellery

Guess what — you can totally afford these!


Now that Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex, you’d think she’d be putting on the big rocks and regal bling. But instead of accessorising the way we thought she would, the queen of understated chic stays true to her personal style and continues to pair the simplest yet most stylish jewellery with every outfit she’s been seen wearing in public. 

Meghan is known for her low-key and elegant sense of style and her taste in jewellery is no different — she seems to have a penchant for delicate, dainty pieces with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

Though her jewellery is completely unobtrusive, it (as with everything else that she wears) constantly draws attention and invites analysis. And, as followers of Meghan’s style have cleverly spotted, there are several brands that the Duchess clearly favours, judging by the numerous times she's worn their designs out.

Want to cop a piece of her jewellery style? Here are some of her favourite accessories that you can easily acquire online for yourself.

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