Wear A Piece Of Singapore’s Calming Greenery As Jewellery

The Mindful Company has come up with a beautiful way to pay tribute to our country.


We’ve proudly worn our red outfits this 9 August, and now, here are more ways to parade our national pride by putting on a fashion item. Singapore-based jewellery brand, The Mindful Company, has just launched a new collection titled Places of Calm and it’s specially dedicated to the Lion City or, more specifically, to our lush greenery.

This botanical collection is based on flora that’s indigenous to our land and features nine designs based on four types of plants, most of which you are likely to find very familiar — the Ruffled Fan Palm, Bougainvillea, Elephant’s Ear and Singapore Kopsia.

The idea behind the collection is about encouraging the wearer to look beyond the skyscrapers and urban jungle to find their places of calm — all too often, we forget that Singapore is also known as the Garden City besides being a bustling metropolis.

As with all The Mindful Company jewellery, these pieces do not serve as mere keepsakes, but also personal reminders to live in the moment and delight in the natural beauty Singapore has to offer.

“This is one of the most important collections we have designed. We wanted to create something that would showcase The Mindful Company’s Singaporean roots…” says co-founder of the brand, Ciara Yeo.

Not only are these dainty pieces so charming, they are also particularly meaningful fashion statements for a Singaporean. For everyone else, they will be equally delightful jewellery to wear — of that, we are absolutely sure.

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