Support Suicide Prevention With These Bracelets By The Mindful Company

They are a wearable reminder for you to check in with your loved ones every now and then.


The recent back-to-back suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain cast a spotlight on depression, which is the condition that is most commonly linked to suicide and one of the most prevalent mental disorders in the world.

They effectively set off alarm bells on the issue of suicide prevention, especially when depression is all too often undetected in sufferers. Which is why Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), a non-profit suicide prevention agency, has launched a bracelet collection in partnership with Singapore-based jewellery brand, The Mindful Company, that is designed to promote suicide prevention.

This special collection consists of four nylon-cord bracelets in different colours, with each featuring a stainless steel pendant with the words “How are you today” crafted into a delicate, circular loop. These unisex bracelets are designed to encourage individuals to check in with people in their lives, especially those whom they think are going through a tough time.

Knowing that someone is there for them can make all the difference, so never underestimate the power of this simple question, “How are you today?”

SOS wanted to team up with a purpose-driven jewellery label to create something that goes beyond aesthetic charm and The Mindful Company, which is known for its meaningful jewellery that bears messages of encouragement, is an apt choice for a partner.

Simple and subtle, these bracelets serve as a meaningful reminder for everyone to check in with their loved ones — and also themselves. Each bracelet also comes with a mini “cheat sheet” with six easy tips on how to start a conversation that can potentially help change someone’s life.

The bracelets are available at $39 each, of which $10 from the sale of each bracelet will go to SOS to fund its community outreach initiatives. Choose from four colour combinations — charcoal or sky blue (both with silver hardware), and sea green or blush (both with rose gold hardware) here.

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