Piaget’s Possession watch is a curiously addictive accessory

Here’s how we discovered its unexpectedly amusing qualities.


We were told that it is highly addictive — a rather unusual way to describe a timepiece. It’s also the latest addition to Piaget’s iconic Possession collection, a line of jewellery distinguished by designs that feature rotatable rings. 

How did the maison translate the tactile quality of the Possession collection into this new timepiece? There’s only one place on a watch that can accommodate a movable ring if you look at its anatomy — the bezel, which has long been used by watchmakers for functions that span a broad diversity. 

Rotating bezels are, of course, not a new thing — we’ve seen them on plenty of watches from the sports categories. While those typically serve mathematical functions to measure elapsed time and speed, the one on the Possession watch is entirely different in that it’s designed to appeal to sensibilities that are decidedly more feminine. Besides acting as a canvas for bling, it’s also a mechanism that the wearer could, well, play with.


Ahead of a branding drive that also showcased the new Possession watches, we were presented with an invitation to test-drive a piece for two weeks. We took it up to see if it’ll give us insight into the line’s purportedly irresistible qualities (but of course, we didn’t need much convincing).

At the slightest touch, the bezel glides around the dial with the greatest of ease. We were astonished at how smooth and swift the movement was, and how oddly satisfying it felt to turn it round and round, repeatedly. The sight of the sole diamond on the bezel circling the dial was also curiously mesmerising. Imagine one that was fully set with bling — we’d hardly be able to take our eyes off it. 

As we spent more time wearing the watch, we began to understand the magic behind spinning its ring. 

Besides becoming a motion we’d idly indulge in (while waiting for our cab to arrive or when stuck in a long meeting), it also has a strangely meditative quality — surprisingly helpful when one is trying to concentrate on thinking.

Our verdict? We’ve never experienced a Possession piece quite like this. While every jewellery style it comes in (ring, bracelet, bangle, pendant, necklace and earrings) has its own unique appeal, the watch could be the one that is the most effortless and thus delightful to play with, seeing that the rotating bezel sits flush against the wrist, obstruction-free. 

It goes without saying that the Possession watch is a very attractive and versatile women’s timepiece, one that stacks beautifully with the Possession jewellery or even the other items in your personal collection of arm candy. Now that we are better acquainted with its unique interactivity, we’ve completely fallen under the spell of its turning ring.

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