Dior’s new fine jewellery collection celebrates life with a symbol of death

There’s beauty to be found in the morbid.


Dior has an inimitable aesthetic in its fine and high jewellery — one that we’d describe as elegantly offbeat. And its latest fine jewellery collection, Tête de mort, is yet another example of the brand’s, or more accurately, Victoire de Castellane’s (its creative director of fine jewellery) eclectic sensibility.

Featuring skulls carved out of rose quartz, amethyst and chalcedony, this new line of rings and pendant necklaces turn the symbol of death into delightfully charming accessories.

De Castellane was inspired by Christian Dior’s passion for life, which was documented in a quote in his Little Dictionary of Fashion: “Whatever you do — for work or pleasure — do it with passion! Live with passion!”

The collection also represents her interpretation of the Latin sayings “memento mori” (remember that you will die) and “carpe diem” (seize the day) — both reminders for one to live life to the fullest.

This theme of death first appeared in Victoire de Castellane’s repertoire as early as 2001, with a collection called La Fiancée du Vampire, and returned brilliantly in 2009, in 20 high jewellery creations entitled Reines et Rois (comprising 10 “queen” rings and 10 “king” pendants) that illustrated the permanence of jewellery as compared with the fragility of human existence.

There was then a Tête de mort high jewellery collection in 2013, which gave rise to this latest fine jewellery range of pendants and rings.

Look closer and you’d discover the many secrets that are beautifully worked into their designs — they each are combined with an element that represents a link to Monsieur Christian Dior, whether it be his favourite flower or personal lucky charm. 

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