9 Duchess-Worthy Engagement Rings That Are Every Bride’s Dream

Want to be a regal bride like Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton? Let’s start with the ring.


When it comes to jewels for engagements and weddings, us plebeian folks may not have access to rare gold and diamonds or historical tiaras. But with a fairly large-sized bank account, one can still afford to purchase jewels that channel the grandeur of the jewellery belonging to royalty. 

And when it comes to flaunting a flashy piece of wedding bling, there’s no place better than your left ring finger, where the precious accessory that will announce to the world your impending nuptials is going to sit.

Yes, we are talking about engagement rings, the item that is likely to be a bride’s most elaborate and also most frequently worn piece of jewellery. Here are nine princess-worthy examples that will be the objects of your dreams or a handy guide in case you’d like to drop your special someone a little hint.

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