Watch: What It Feels Like To Wear A Cartier Diamond

Enter this rarefied club, even if you’ve never owned one


How many times have you walked past a Cartier boutique and pressed your nose against the window, mesmerised by the diamonds on display? How often have you dreamt of sweeping in and taking a coveted red box home, or slipping a glittering ring onto your finger and watching the diamonds sparkle under the light?

Yep, we’ve all been there (and left our nose imprint) at some point. But even if you’re a long way from joining the rarefied Cartier-owner club, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t imagine what it will all be like when that day comes – because hey, it won’t be long, right? 

Till then, prep yourself with this new Cartier Diamonds video directed by Johan Renck and starring supermodel Karen Elson.

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