Ugly-Beautiful Shoes Are All The Rage — Really!

Why man-repelling shoes have their place in fashion


There are “Come F*ck Me” heels and then there are ‘What The F*ck’ shoes but believe it, women will never see the worst in shoes. As long as they are fashionable, women will always love shoes.

It doesn’t even matter how strange they may look: Imposing platforms, overly pointy-toes, flashy prints and colours, larger-than-life details and cumbersome ties… Indeed, some shoes take longer to put on than eyeliner.

Simply put, women are strange and emotional creatures when it comes to collecting shoes — we do care how they look but we really don’t either. As long as the shoe fits and they on-trend, we’ll take ‘em

Who cares if our men don’t like any of our OTT fashion shoes? As long as we want them — no? Men not falling head over heels with our shoe choices can only be a good thing: It gives us an excuse to buy more shoes. Click through above for the more outrageous pairs from the Spring/Summer 2016 runway!

Photos: Imaxtree

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