A fashion icon has emerged from the World Cup

England coach Gareth Southgate has unwittingly sparked a comeback of a traditional item of formal menswear.


Fans of the Croatian football team all around the world must still be jumping for joy right now, relishing its win against England and looking forward to the World Cup 2018 finals this weekend when it will play against France.

On the other end, the Three Lions fans might be nursing their heartbreak over the English team's defeat but at least there’s someone to be thankful for and that’s its football coach Gareth Southgate.

Southgate may not possess the swoon-worthy looks of these football heartthrobs we’ve singled out pre-World Cup, but he certainly has an outstanding sense of pitch-side style. If you've been following the matches of the English team, you'd surely have noticed his choice of attire, which is always topped with a dapper, form-fitting waistcoat that makes him the most well-dressed man at every game.

He looks so fine in his waistcoat that he’s sparked the hashtag #WaistcoatWednesday, to which netizens tag photos of themselves in waistcoats as a nod to his signature look. Oddly enough, he's single-handedly sparked a trend for this item of men's clothing — if you do a search for "waistcoat" on Google, his name and pictures are the first things that pop up on the web page. 

He has won the hearts of his fellow Brits for reasons beyond his exceptional sartorial style too. After seeing how well he’s managed his team, some Three Lions supporters even suggested that perhaps Southgate should take over Theresa May as the United Kingdom’s prime minister. 

Now that England is no longer in the running for the World Cup, we don’t know when we’ll see him next (after his team plays against Belgium for the third-place spot, that is). But one thing’s for sure, we’ll definitely be on a lookout for him (or perhaps, he might be starting an Instagram account very soon?). 

For now, here are some images that capture him in his now-iconic attire.

 Photo: Marca.

 Photo: The Guardian.

 Photo: ABC.

 Photo: Goal.com.

 Photo: Sky Sports.

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