Willow Smith Is Here To Make Glasses Cool Again

And she’s succeeding


If you grew up with imperfect eyesight, the embarrassment that came with prescription glasses should not be unfamiliar to you. The anxiety you felt heading back to school the day after getting your first pair of spectacles, the discomfort as classmates pointed at your newly-acquired nerd accessory and the joy you felt when you found out contact lenses were a thing.

Now, an unlikely hero has arrived to debunk the idea that glasses are uncool, and might even get you to ditch those contacts for spectacles.

Willow Smith was chosen to be the face of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2016/17 eyewear campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. 

At just 15 years old, the enigmatic singer-songwriter and actress joined the ranks of other Karl Lagerfeld muses like Kristen Stewart and Gisele Bündchen as the brand’s ambassador earlier this year.

The ingénue's spunky personality shines through in the sleek black-and-white campaign, as she rocks both optical glasses and sunnies. 

Willow Smith acing the eyewear game is push enough for us to get a new pair of spectacles, but it helps that Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2016 eyewear collection is so chic.

Three different designs are featured this season: The Vintage, octagonal oversized sunglasses with lenses that are facetted and polished by hand; the Urban Chic, with their butterfly- and panto-shaped frames; and the Chanel Coco Chain, with leather-laced metal chain detailing that pays homage to the straps on the fashion house’s signature bags.

Click through the gallery above to see all the campaign and behind-the-scenes images featuring Willow Smith, and watch the video below for a backstage look of the photoshoot, before the campaign is launched in September!

Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2016/17 eyewear collection is now available at all Chanel boutiques.

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