Why You Should Check Out This New Local Swimwear Label

It offers a modest but flattering alternative to the existing market


Local swimwear label PINKSALT was created because co-founders Belinda Lee and Ng Su May were struggling to find swimsuits that are chic and comfortable yet modest. 

“Besides providing adequate coverage, we have taken into consideration that local women are generally more petite and our swimwear size range reflects this as our band is between UK6 to UK12. Our colour palette for the collection is also more muted to suit the more conventional taste of Singaporeans,” shares Ng.

PINKSALT’s designs are specially created to be versatile, so you can easily head to a café or shops from the beach or pool. Another quality that makes the label stand out is its choice of digital prints, which are a unique combination of photography and illustration.

PINKSALT is available here from 15 June. Price ranges from $109 to $159.

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