Your Outfit Says Much More About You Than You Think

Because clothes are an expression of your personality.


It's one of the first things people notice, and how you present yourself to the world. Yes, the way you dress can reveal a lot about your character — there's no doubt about that. And when it comes to character in fashion, we are inevitably reminded of Gucci, the Italian luxury label.

Ever since Alessandro Michele became its creative director in 2015, the brand has taken us on one eccentric spin after another. Naturally, us fashion fans are excited every new season. Take its Spring/Summer 2018 collection — which is in stores now — for example. You’ll find that the line-up doesn’t just cater to one specific type of woman.

You'll find something to love, whether you’re a party kind of girl or a fan of athleisure. No surprise, then, that some of the biggest names in showbiz (Nicole Kidman, Dakota Fanning, Lana Del Rey and even Oprah to name a few) have all supported Michele by wearing his creations. 

So, what do his designs reveal about the wearer? Find out by picking your favourite Gucci ensemble from the selections below.

The Classy Girl

You favour plaids over prints for an obvious reason — the former hardly goes out of style. So it’s no surprise that many of your dresses still look so timeless although you bought them years ago. You are the shopper who never lets your heart rule your head.

Style tip: A sequin-embellished bomber jacket lends a playful touch to a formal all-plaid outfit.

Get her look here.

The Sporty One

It’s a weekday and you’re rarely seen without your workout gear. Even when you do step out of those, you never veer far from sportswear, often opting for athleisure. Because of how active you are, those around you see you as a go-getter.

Style tip: Avoid looking like you’ve just completed a workout by ditching the gym bag for a Gucci Bamboo top-handle leather cross-body to complete your athleisure ensemble.

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The Girl Boss

A 9-to-5 job means that your wardrobe is filled with “I mean business” attire, which you put together with blazers, white shirts and pencil skirts. Your colleagues know better than to mess with you when you’re all serious. On casual Fridays, you add a statement accessory to jazz things up, signalling to others that you’re ready to have some fun.       

Style tip: To elevate your corporate style without changing your entire work wardrobe, add a touch of interest with a pair of sparkly crystal stockings. The shiny Kirakira effect will ensure that you stand out from the CBD crowd. 

Get her look here.

The Glam Queen

Plunging necklines, floor-sweeping hemlines and a dusting of bling pretty much sum up your big-night-out outfit. With all these attention-grabbing details, you’re an adventurous dresser who never goes unnoticed.  

Style tip: Flaunting a plunging neckline? Then skip necklaces altogether and keep your accessories minimal so that all eyes are on your décolletage.  

Get her look here.

The Stylish Jetsetter

Some people travel light but for you, there is no such thing as over-packing. In fact, flying to a new destination is the perfect chance to show off your chic holiday outfits. In other words, the world is your fashion runway. And because of this, you’ll be the go-to whenever your friends need some serious fashion advice.  

Style tip: A romantic frock, matched with an on-trend chequered blazer, ensures a smooth transition from the beach weddings to boardroom meetings.

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Preview the Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 runway show below: 

Shop all looks and accessories at the Gucci stores in Singapore now.

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