Is Zoe Kravitz Working A New Trend?

We’re calling it “leg jewellery” — for now at least


Zoe Kravitz was recently spotted strolling down Manhattan in her usual get-up (casual black dress; platform boots). Nothing different — until we clapped eyes on her shins, which were adorned with chain jewellery.

Traditionally sported by Indian dancers, body chains of different designs are usually worn around the belly. This genre of jewellery evolved into cross-body styles and subsequently wove its way into high fashion (Givenchy) and street and pop culture (as seen on Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Beyoncé).

Now they're on legs. And while we're not sure if donning something like that would be a good idea in our tropical climate (perspiration, rain, heat rash — you get the idea), we’re pretty sure these accessories will reign at the next Coachella and, closer to home, Laneway Singapore. So why not get a leg up on the trend and buy one now?

70’s Boho leg chain, $25.85, by

Embellished leg harness, $25.85, by RIVER ISLAND from

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