The Ultimate Fashion Course For Industry Professionals Is Back

Become an expert in your field and give your career a boost!


The ultimate fashion programme for industry professionals is back for a second time after a successful debut run. If you missed the first edition of the ELLE International Fashion and Luxury Management Program, held in partnership with MIT Sloan Executive Education and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, here's another opportunity to sign up for the course that will equip you with all the knowledge you need to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

The first edition, which has just come to an end, welcomed the next leaders in the fashion and luxury industries from all over the world and gave participants an opportunity to gain diverse knowledge from different perspectives and global markets, as well as unique networking opportunities.

The university-backed executive programme, specially designed for professionals aspiring to become tomorrow’s managers, took off with sessions and discussions with industry trailblazers such as fashion designers Christian Louboutin and Diane von Furstenberg and the CEOs of top fashion companies such as Michael Burke of Louis Vuitton, Sidney Toledano of LVMH Fashion Group and Jean-Marc Mansvelt of Chaumet, to name a few.

Students will get to experience a globalised #ELLEcampus as the curriculum is divided into four modules that will take place in Madrid, Paris, New York and MIT Sloan’s Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The series will delve into the areas of fast fashion, haute couture and luxury, as well as branding and innovation.

The programme offers a variety of formats, including online sessions taught by renowned university professors, with the option of on-site courses. In addition to classes, students will be able to participate in discussions, panels, debates, and roundtable and networking sessions with leaders in the fashion and luxury industry.

The next edition of the ELLE International Fashion and Luxury Program will kick off in Madrid from January 2019 and end in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the MIT Sloan Campus in May 2019. Course fees range between €16,000 and €25,000, depending on the type of modules chosen.

Students who have successfully completed the programme will receive an MIT Sloane Executive Education certificate in collaboration with Complutense. For more details on the modules and admission requirements, head here. Sign up to take that next step to become a future fashion leader.

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