Cindy Crawford's Daughter Kaia Gerber Makes Her Runway Debut

What you should know about fashion's latest darling


Step aside Kendall, Gigi and Bella because the fashion media has found a new darling and her name is Kaia Gerber. 

The 1.75m-tall brunette is none other than the daughter of '80s super Cindy Crawford. This genetically blessed Californian is not only a splitting image of Mum – the high cheekbones, the tawny complexion, the beach-perfect waves in the hair...she even struts like Mum. Somebody has clearly been taking lessons! 

Making her runway debut at the recent Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2018 show, the 16-year-old also added another fashion stripe as the newest member of Alexander Wang’s #wangfest tribe.

“I’ve always thought that Alex’s group of models and friends was the coolest,” Gerber told Vogue. Wang made her his opening model, a coming-of-age present from Wang after she appeared in his Spring 2016 campaign. No word on whether she and Wang will be making a campaign sequel just yet but this girl is made for big things and Mummy dearest is making sure of that from the sidelines.

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