The Insane Cost Of Blogger Chiara Ferragni’s Opulent Italian Wedding

Three couture dresses don’t come cheap.


Last week, influencer and street style star Chiara Ferragni tied the knot in a ceremony that can only be described as outrageously lavish.

The bride wore three couture dresses by Dior, the reception featured a custom-build amusement park, private jets were hired to courier guests to the wedding, and thousands upon thousands of flowers were shipped in for the arrangements.

The effect was as desired. Their wedding hashtag, #TheFerrangez, pulled in 67 million engagements, Dior raked in a media impact value of more than $6 million (which is more than Meghan Markle did for Givenchy at her royal wedding), and the event was covered worldwide.

And a wedding like that doesn't come cheap. From the clothes to the venue, Ferragni and her husband Fedez poured a pretty penny into their big day.

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Family is everything 💘

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For us mere mortals, one custom gown by Christian Dior would cost more money to even contemplate—but three? That's a different story. According to The Huffington Post, one Dior couture piece can cost up to $138,000—if we ballpark that at $140,000 and times it by three, the total cost is: $420,000.

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Dad bringing me to my husband ❤️

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For the event, Chiara and Fedez rented out the entire Dimora Delle Balze in Noto. E! puts that at about $415,000.

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Can you feel the pure magic? ✨

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Putting together the perfect décor at both the reception and ceremony cost a pretty penny, too. Shipping in a Ferris wheel and other attractions for their amusement park: $145,000. Flowers: $6,000. Fireworks: $5,000.

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On top of their hotel stay, guests were flown in on a rented Alitalia round trip flight from Milan to Catania, which rounds up to around $277,000.

The total cost? 1.3 million.


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