Celine Has A New Logo & Here’s What The Internet Thinks

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Hedi Slimane was named creative, artistic and image director of Celine in arguably one of the biggest fashion-industry shakeups earlier this year. He replaced Celine’s long-time creative director, Phoebe Philo in January 2018. 

Fashion editors and fans of the brand have been waiting for his debut collection with bated breath, not least the changes that he’ll likely be introducing at the French luxury house. Everything’s been kept under the wraps until recently, when Lady Gaga was spotted carrying the a never-seen-before Celine bag (in other words, Hedi Slimane’s very first bag for the brand).

A day later, Celine introduced its new logo via its Instagram feed on 3 September 2018.

Inspired by Celine’s original logo in the 1960s, the new logo features several changes. Firstly, there’s the new font type, which according to Celine, has been around since the 1930s. Then, there’s the removal of the accent on the letter ‘e’ to keep things “simplified and more balanced”. Lastly, the spacing between each letter have been tightened. 

Following the announcement, there’s been an influx of comments on the changes. Netizens were quick to leave comments on Celine’s Instagram and also took to their own social media accounts to voice their opinions. 

There’s even a special hashtag, #aintcélinewithoutané, created by die-hard Celine fans who are finding it hard to adjust to the new logo.

The introduction of the new logo also saw Celine wiping out its past Instagram posts, signalling a fresh start for its Instagram account. To date, the luxury label now has four posts and 1.4 million followers on its Instagram profile.

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