These Bespoke Bags Are The Coolest Things We've Ever Seen

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We love the idea of having leather goods monogrammed with initials — it's a discreet addition that adds a personal touch to a gift, whether it's meant for ourselves or someone else. But here's a service that takes customisation for leather goods up a whole new level — "marquage", which means an artist hand-paints your desired drawing or pattern on your favourite bag or leather accessory. 

Cherin Sim is one such artist who specialises in inking leather goods with personalised designs. And if the thought of having someone put paint on your pricey purchase makes you feel faint, don't worry — she has worked on all kinds of luxury bags, from a Louis Vuitton Keepall to an Hermés Birkin.

Her portfolio is impressive — Sim has done simple initials, depictions of elements of nature and plenty of popular cartoon characters (Hello Kitty and Doraemon are just two among many others). The handiwork is of a professional quality and of course, perf for showing off on your own Instagram. 

Besides working on custom leather goods, Sim also holds monogram-painting workshops for those who wish to try hand-painting on their own leather products. It's perhaps something to consider, since Sim's customisation services are fully booked for this year. Or, if you'd rather wait till 2019, here are some of her most eye-catching creations that you can admire in the meantime and reference for inspiration.

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Everything happens for a reason

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I met the gorgeous @kallista_yuda ☺️ (she actually looks rather similar to the girl in the painting!) six months back on one of my regular trips to Jakarta. At @uniondelijkt we spoke about our love for #PopArt amongst many other things. Kall showed me this particular piece from #ButcherBilly, imagined from a quote — “Find what you love and let it kill you!”, which she wanted splashed on the front of her very classic orange @hermes Birkin. My unusual canvas is usually multi-dimensional. Apart from taking into consideration tangible qualities of each item, its user, the ways it’ll be worn, or how elements of fun/surprise can be portrayed needs to be concurrently considered. Sometimes merely literally painting on a single plane falls short. The first thought that came to mind was to play with the word “Find”, to find a way to portray that something needed to be “found”. By understanding that a Birkin is commonly used with the flap tucked on the inside for easier access, I thought it would be interesting to feature this quote on that plane. As of the second picture, half of the speech bubble, “Find what you love” is shown to all. The curious one looks further to find that the way to go is to let what you love kill you. “For all things will kill you, both slowly and quickly, but it’s much better to be killed by what you love.” #lovefiercely #livefully *On a side note, I research vastly on all subject matters before finalising a concept and found that this quote, widely credited to #CharlesBukowski, isn’t by the famous late poet. #interestingfind #facebookmemes Anyway, gonna abruptly end this off by thanking everyone who expressed their love for the bullet holes on the back and on the clochette. I absolutely love them too!!!! 🤩🤩 That was my way of subtly injecting fun and surprise. I couldn’t be more glad with the response. Well, it’s always the little details that count and complete a work, isn’t it? Next time! #instastory By the way, I had to paint on the clochette that no one paints ever. It’s usually just seen as an accessory which is kept away. #hermesclochette #bestsurprise #ilovesurprise #masterofsurprise #cherinsimworks

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