This Weekend: Ogle At Etourdissant Cartier

Five reasons to visit the dazzling one-day-only exhibition by the haute jeweller


1. It’s a MAJOR show of bling

Just how major? This is the first time ever that Cartier has opened a full contemporary collection of high jewellery for public viewing. “And if we haven’t done it before, no one else has,” a representative at the press preview tells us, only half-jokingly. More than 600 spectacular pieces of jewellery, haute horlogerie (read: ultra valuable timepieces) and precious objets d’art will be on display, of which 60 will be making their world debut here.

Consider it Cartier’s contribution to Singapore’s SG50 celebrations. “This is a great opportunity as South-east Asia is the birthplace of many of the stones,” says the rep. “We want to invite the public to share our passion for art and unique approach to artisanship.”

2. It’s seriously etourdissant

“Etourdissant” is French for “dazzling” or “astonishing”, and that’s certainly what the pieces showcased are. Among the highlights are the eponymous Etourdissant necklace that stars an astounding 34.96 carat diamond that’s perfectly colourless and internally flawless; and this luminous cabochon-cut dark opal, emeralds and diamonds bracelet set in white gold. 

3. It’s a beautiful space (with powerful airconditioning)

The set-up is an experience in itself, a tranquil yet imposing labyrinth of glass boxes, mirrored surfaces and neon lighting rising from a plush grey carpet. Need a seat? Head to the lounge area along the second-floor corridor with Scandinavian-style sofas and chairs that were specially brought in for the exhibition. 

4. There’s eye candy everywhere

…Not just in the form of jewellery, but living, breathing examples too: All the smiling Cartier doormen that greet you here are models. Good-looking guys dressed in uniforms who politely hold the door open for you and are happy to oblige when it comes to wefies? Yes please!

5. If you like something, you can buy it

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get what you want. But guess what? That won’t happen here. This exhibition is your oyster, with almost everything available for purchase…if you have the cash, that is.

Etourdissant Cartier will be held on 31 October at the Singapore Pinacotheque de Paris from 10am to 6pm. Admission is free. A complimentary shuttle bus service between the main entrance of Park Mall and the venue will be provided at 15-minute intervals.

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